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      The Challenge


Millions of low income children in the United States do not receive proper dental care and may experience acute dental pain. Low-income children are up to 5 times more likely to have untreated tooth decay which frequently causes general health problems, learning difficulties, discomfort, eating problems, and self esteem issues.

Mobile dental teams operating in school environments have been shown to be an effective tool in addressing these problems.


​  How you can help

You can help us continue our mission through your tax deductible donation. Gateway to Oral Health Foundation fields an outstanding team of caring professionals.

Dental treatment is very costly, so please help us serve our children.

Your contribution of $10 per month or more can insure our children receive the care they need. 


     Please donate today.

     Who Benefits​



Children benefit from healthier teeth and improved readiness to learn.

Schools benefit from reduced absenteeism, parental appreciation, and improved learning on behalf of students.

The community benefits because the school based program provides a channel for reaching children who would otherwise not have access to services.


"......oral health means much more than healthy teeth, and is integral to the general health and well-being of Americans. Oral health must be included in the provision of health care and design of community programs".

                                               CDC - Oral Health in America 2000

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